“Do you know” series: “Indemnity” and “Liquidated Damages” Clauses in Select Civil Law and Hybrid Jurisdictions in Asia

April 2022
Asian Business Law Institute

This is a collection of short write-ups on indemnity and liquidated damages clauses in select civil law and hybrid jurisdictions covered by ABLI in its Contracts Project.

The Contracts Project aims to produce standard-form contract terms that are valid in a majority of Asian jurisdictions and that allocate risks in a relatively balanced manner to both sides, so that costs that are unnecessarily incurred in contract negotiation can be saved. More information can be read here.

The Contracts Project covers the following jurisdictions and governing laws:

Civil law jurisdictions: China, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand and Vietnam

Common law jurisdictions and governing laws: India, Malaysia, Singapore, English law and New York law

Hybrid jurisdiction: The Philippines

This collection includes all civil law and hybrid jurisdictions listed above.

Book Details

Pages: 410 pages
Editor: Clarisse GIROT
Publisher: Asian Business Law Institute (May 2018)
Language: English
ISBN: 978-981-11-7311-0
Dimensions: 240mm x 152mm
Weight: 0.662 kg

Dr Clarisse GIROT is a Senior Research Fellow at the Asian Business Law Institute. Dr Girot was previously Counsel to the President of the French data privacy regulator, Commission nationale de l’informatique et des libertés (CNIL), and prior to that Dr Girot was head of CNIL’s department for European and International Affairs.

How to download

This Collection includes

"Indemnity" and "Liquidated Damages"

in China (February 2022) by Dennis (Yongquan) Deng (Partner) and Dr Guodong Du (Associate), Anli Partners

"Indemnity" and "Liquidated Damages"

in Indonesia (March 2022) by Fransiscus Rodyanto (Partner) and Fadhira Mediana (Associate), SSEK Legal Consultants

"Indemnity" and "Liquidated Damages"

in Japan (March 2022) by Ng Sook Zhen (Partner) and Tanabe Yasuhiko (Foreign Legal Associate), Dentons Rodyk and Davidson

"Indemnity" and "Liquidated Damages"

in the Philippines (March 2022) by JJ Disini, Managing Partner, Disini Law Office

"Indemnity" and "Liquidated Damages"

in Thailand (April 2022) by Ittichai Prasongprasit, Partner of R&T Asia (Thailand) Limited

"Indemnity" and "Liquidated Damages"

in Vietnam (March 2022) by Dang The Duc (Managing Partner), Steven Jacob (Of Counsel) and Ngo Dang Loc (Junior Associate), Indochine Counsel

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